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GMS Faculty and Staff

Office Staff
Support and Guidance Services Staff

Robert Riley - Principal
Susie Hanley - Assistant Principal

Kristen Fitz - Administative Assistant
Laurie DeLuca - School Secretary

School Resource Officer(s)- Michael Coffin   Wayne Drown

Heather Kilborn- Guidance Counselor
Thomas Courtney - Social Worker
Cynthia Grover Social Worker
Terry LaMontagne - Secretary

Beth Orlando - Librarian - website
Mindy Rathbun - Instructional Strategist

Sixth Grade Teams

Eagle Lake Team

Greg Morton - (Science)
Jackie Toy - (ELA)
Heather Kilborn - (Advisor)
Cynthia Grover - (Advisor)
Crescent Lake Team

Susan Moses - (Math/SS)
Meghan Rounds - (ELA/SS)
Open- (Science/Ss)
Donna Pastore - (Advisor)
Vicki Bove - (Advisor)
Beth Orlando - (Advisor)
Moosehead Lake Team

Brett Brown - (Sci/Math)
Chris Mitchell - (ELA/SS)
Linda Townsend - (Advisor)

Seventh Grade Teams

Harraseeket Team

Mary Ridge - (SS)
Dennis Albert - (Advisor)
Megan Holden - (Advisor)
Little River Team
Sarah Rubin - (Sci/ELA)
Sherry Coyne - (Math/SS)
Kelly Winslow - (Advisor)
Deb Noble - (Advisor)
Stroudwater Team
Kim Fotter - (SS)
Susie Hanley - (Advisor)
Mindy Rathbun - (Advisor)
Amy Cousins - (Advisor)

Eighth Grade Teams

Boon Island

David Palmer -  (Science)
Kim Mathieu - (Advisor)
Open - (Advisor)
Sarah Titus - (PE/Advisor)
Monhegan Team

Anton Gulovsen - (Sci/SS)
Lona Tassey - (ELA/SS)
Adam Parvanta - (Math/SS)
Martha LaViolet - (Advisor)
Sarah Collins (Spanish)
Peaks Island Team
Amanda Cooper - (ELA/SS)
Aaron Ouellet - (SCI/SS)
Melanie Doran - (Advisor)
Thom Courtney - (Advisor)

Allied Arts Teachers
Kelly Winslow - French
Martha LaViolet  - Health
Denis Albert - Health & PE
Kim Mathieu - Music/Band
Tracy Williamson - Music/Chorus - web page

Instructional Support and Special Education
Megan Holden - Behavior Program Instructor
Diane Knott - Gifted Talented Coordinator
Judy Wuorio- Speech-Language  Pathologist
Sandy Morrell - FLS Program
Deborah Noble - 7th & 8th grade English/Lang Arts, Special Ed.
Open - 7th & 8th grade Math, Special Ed.
Linda Townsend - 6th -8th grade Math, English/Language Arts, Special Ed.
Mindy Rathbun - Instructional Strategist

Terri Dawson - Technology Integrator - website
Michael Nash - Technology Support Specialist
Melanie Doran - Algebra, Math Support, Interventionist
Donna Pastore - Literacy and Math Support
Cafeteria Staff
Lynn Erickson - Kitchen Manager
Phone: (207)222-1217
Priscilla "Pat" Hinkley, Cook
Cindy Russell, Assistant
Heather Whitaker - Alternative Education

Last Modified: Aug 29, 2016
The Gorham schools are committed to the belief that all of our students will find success in school